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    According to disciplines below, the school enrolls and educates about400 Master students and 200 PhD candidates every year
    Primary Disciplines:

    Control Science and Engineering
    Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Electronic Science and Technology
    Optical Engineering
    *The primary disciplines all have Post-Doctoral Research Stations.

    Subordinate Disciplines:

    Detection Technology and Automatics
    Control Theory and Control Engineering
    Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
    Navigation, Guidance and Control
    Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering
    Spacecraft Structure and Protection
    Astronautical Optical-Electric Information Technology
    Spacecraft Design
    General and Fundamental Mechanics
    Solid Mechanics
    Engineering Mechanics
    Materialogy (built with School of Materials Science and Engineering)
    Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
    Physical Electronics
    Optical Engineering

    IEEE HIT Student Branch
    IEEE HIT student branch was established in 2008. Presently, there are 62 IEEE student members and over 50 volunteers. We have held more than 10 professional and technical meetings and seminars, and have assisted several visiting IEEE leaders and professors. Furthermore, we have organized activities for visiting industry-related companies, in which more than 1000 students participated. This year, the National Conference on Microwave and National Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility will be held in Harbin and we will act as assistants
    Mirshahram Hosseinipanah from Iran is majoring in Electronics Science and Technology for his PhD Degree.
    Dr.Gao Huijun, who is engaged in Control Science and Engineering, got his PhD Degree awarded with "National Top 100 Outstanding Dissertations".
    Zhou Bin, Winner of the "National Youth Scientific Innovation Prize"
    In March 2010, on behalf of HIT, Kong He attended the "Climate: Science + Humanities" at Harvard University, and delivered his report there.

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