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    The School of Astronautics, approved by the Ministry of Space Industry in June 1987, was founded by the merger of the Department of Control Engineering, the Department of Radio Engineering, the Department of Engineering Mechanics and Flight Vehicle System Designing Office. It is China’s first higher education institute which mainly focused on the education of specialists and research in the field of astronautics. The school is also the only affiliate of International Space University in Asia.
    In the early 1990’s, both laser and optical engineering specialties were incorporated into the school. Through the support of the Ministry of Space Industry as well as the assistance from China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), the school established the earliest specialties on satellite and spacecraft environmental engineering in China. In 2009, the former Department of Radio Engineering independently formed its own school. The school presently oversees 12 departments and research centers offering 10 astronautic-related undergraduate majors spanning 6 primary disciplines and 15 subordinate disciplines. As the most competitive School of Astronautics in China, we offer outstanding opportunities to cultivate talent and conduct innovative and leading-edge scientific research. Through its strong leadership, specialty knowledge and experience, as well as focus on development, the School of Astronautics is internationally recognized as a driving force for innovation in the astronautics field and quickly becoming a world-class research institute.

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